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Stewart Dudley was born in London, England. He began classical piano lessons at the age of six after his parents noticed he was composing his own music at that time.

Stewart recalls his first piano lessons involved colouring a picture each week alongside the music to play on that page and that, together with the white milk chocolate bar, was an incentive and encouraged him to attend.

His parents entered him in piano competitions when he was nine, and he recalls the first time he played in public. He had memorised the piece but as he was seated at the piano he suffered his first stage fright and could not remember the music for a few minutes, before subsequently regaining his composure, playing the piece and successfully winning the competition.

As a young teenager in the late 1960’s Stewart performed with various rock bands in England where his favoured instrument was the Farfisa Compact organ, one of the few keyboard instruments available for rock groups at that time. However his first love was always the grand piano and it remains so to this day. Stewart records on his own new P1-Petrof Mistral 9ft 4in Concert Grand.

His knowledge of classical music and music in general is quite extensive, and although he is no stranger to the varying styles of music, he is undoubtedly strongly influenced by the classics, in that his compositions are the unique blend of melody and a structured romantic style.

In 1981 Stewart Dudley immigrated to Australia and started concentrating on composing, arranging and performing his own original instrumental music, and developing and incorporating a unique nuance and style to compliment his beautiful melodies. He has his own recording facility in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia.

In 1988 Stewart Dudley wrote "Bicentennial" for the Australian Bicentennial celebrations and that started the airplay for his original music.

During 1991, he composed and recorded the "Touch Of The Sun" album which featured well-known Australian artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Andrew Oh, Larry Mahoberac, Leon Gaer, and David Jones. The album created a greater following and interest in Stewart’s music.

In 2002 he won "Best Song" in the Johnny Denis Music Awards at Government House in Sydney for the song "Boulevarde Of Broken Dreams".

Stewart Dudley has composed music for some 18 albums now, and has had releases in Australia, USA, Canada, England and Asia including some best-seller albums in the USA.

Stewart Dudley

There is uniqueness about the music he composes which can move your heart.

"In Stewart Dudley we have a musician with both an astonishing mastery of his instrument and a truly inspired and moving insight into the human soul and spirit" - a quote from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"Inner peace and contentment is surprisingly very difficult to achieve, yet I believe the soothing eloquence of music can sometimes become the catalyst which transcends all these barriers and helps us find our inner self" - a quotation from his wife Gina on Stewart's music.

"The grand piano sound of Stewart Dudley is like a soundtrack of life awaiting your discovery."

Stewart Dudley's interest is on the continuation of piano compositions and recording for the future, and has many albums for future release. He believes in the ongoing process of keeping creative and giving enjoyment to his many followers around the world.

You have been listening to "Allure", the title track from Stewart's latest album.

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